Power transmission in the city.

Roof-mounted pantographs for local transport tailored to your requests and requirements.

Our tram pantographs fit on every base connection and are extremely adaptable and at the same time cost-efficient thanks to their modular design. The modular roof-mounted current collectors are available in three designs and thus cover the entire tram network.
Our project managers will assist you with the implementation and performance design for the direct-current mains. In this way, we ensure that you get the right pantograph for your operating conditions.

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Technical data


Operating systemDC
Operating voltage DC1,5 / 3 kV
Standstill current200 A
Continuous current1800 A
Maximum speed120 km/h
Static contact pressure60 - 140 N Adjustable
Lifting time≤10 s
Lowering time≤10 s
Control voltage24 V DC


Weight125 - 134 kg
Min. operating height100 mm
Max. Operating height3000 mm

Environment & Safety

EN 50125-1 
Ambient temperature-40°C bis +50°C
Solar irradiation1120 W/m²
IsolationOutdoor conditions OV3 / PD4 according to EN 50124-1
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Produkte Highlights


Our optimised Automatic Dropping Device (ADD) system ensures that current collectors with damaged contact strips or rockers are lowered fully automatically. This prevents further damage to the overhead contact lines and the current collector, thus reducing repair and follow-up costs to a minimum.

Optionally, the current collector can be equipped with sensors which measure the contact pressure and lower the rocker via a signal.


To separate the tram vehicle from the live components, we use our proven insulators made of ceramic or plastic. Due to the low overall height of our insulators, the pantograph can be mounted compactly on the vehicle.

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Christoph Odermatt
Christoph Odermatt
Head of Sales