Every third vacuum main switch in the world is built by Richard AG.

Disconnecting and connecting under load.

The function of the main switch is to disconnect the current flow between the overhead contact line and the electrical equipment of the locomotive. Our low-maintenance load switches ensure reliable spark quenching and can be switched in phase-controlled mode. The electric vacuum main switch (VHS) does not require a pneumatic line.

Vacuum main switch RM 5132
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Technical data


Nominal voltage15kV / 25kV
Nominal frequency16.7Hz / 50Hz
Maximum voltage periodic19kV / 30kV
Nominal current Thermal1'000 A
Breaking current25 kA
Rated short-time current40 kA; 100ms
Rated Surge Current63 kA
Switch-on time< 60ms
Switch-off time< 60ms
Control voltage24V/36V/110V
Power consumption control circuit34W


Lifetime250'000 Circuitry
Actuation pressure5 to 10 bar
Air consumption per switching cycle1l
Weightapprox. 115kg

Environment & Safety

Ambient temperature-40°C to +70°C
Impact and vibration resistanceto IEC 61373
IsolationCreepage distance / striking distance to EN50124-1


  • Simple VHS
  • Double VHS
  • Fully insulated
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Options Highlights

Double VHS

Main switch in double version.

Due to the precise production and the well thought-out construction, the maintenance costs fall to a minimum.

Variable designs

Design and arrangement according to customer requirements. Earthing isolators or balls can be optionally selected, as well as fully insulated, external insulation sections.

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