The company's image has been revamped and personalised by designing a modern logo, new work clothes for employees and a state-of-the-art website.

The company Richard AG Murgenthal can reflect on its successful performance in recent years and is now one of the world's leading manufacturers of power supply components and systems for electric railway vehicles. 120 employees are currently employed at the two locations.

An after-sales team is being set up to handle the larger service orders. An additional assembly hall covering 640 m2 is being leased in Rothrist for the approximately 10 employees. The total production area now spans an area of 3,300 m2.

With approximately 80 employees, Richard AG Murgenthal is a typical Swiss SME company and is well-known throughout the world, especially in the railway sector as well as in mechanical and apparatus engineering. We can ideally implement the individual requests of our customers thanks to our flexibility and many years of expertise.

The construction and acquisition of a new assembly hall on the company premises of Richard AG Murgenthal opens up new possibilities for the approx. 50 employees and doubles the production area in one fell swoop.

Richard AG Murgenthal celebrates its 100th anniversary. It has positioned itself as a railway supply company and primarily sells the highest quality current collectors, high-performance switches and other railway equipment.

Hanspeter Jutzi takes over the company management. The company has around 30 employees at this time. Due to his innovation-driven leadership, the in-house development was advanced to hit a further milestone. The product portfolio was expanded with new key products.

The company is converted into a joint stock company and is 100% family-owned.

Fritz Richard takes over the prospering company and leads it to further growth thanks to his visionary planning. During this time, the company not only produces railway equipment but also fittings and other equipment for gas technology, vehicles, operating equipment for internal transport and machine parts according to customer drawings.

Otto Jutzi takes over the business. Under his leadership, the company continues to specialise in railway products during the 1940s.

The first current collector is delivered.

Adolf Heusser founds the company and sells products in mechanical and apparatus engineering. The company initially employs around 22 people.

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