Mainline railway

Mainline railway

Pantographs for the railway.

Richard AG produces reliable, high-quality and proven pantographs.

The single-arm pantograph is the essential link between the train and the overhead contact line. We offer tailor-made solutions in accordance with our customers' wishes.

Our optimised Automatic Dropping Device (ADD) system ensures that current collectors with damaged contact strips or rockers are lowered fully automatically. This prevents further damage to the overhead contact lines and the pantograph, thus reducing repair and follow-up costs to a minimum.

Optimised bearing guides. The bearings in the bellows drive ensure maintenance-free operation.
Thanks to our individually adjustable deflector plates, we achieve the required contact pressure even at very high speeds. This adjustability allows us to meet all approval requirements. 

Customer-specific adjustments can be implemented at any time. Our sales staff and project managers will be happy to assist you.

Mainline railway
Current collector Richard AG - RM 354 Maximum speed <200 km/h
Mainline railway
Current collector Richard AG - RM 379 DC Maximum speed <160 km/h
Mainline railway
Current collector Richard AG - RM 330-209 Maximum speed <120 km/h
Mainline railway
Current collector Richard AG - RM 354-206
1 /

Technical data


Operating systemAC
Operating voltage AC15 / 25 kV
Standstill current150 A
Continuous current2000 A
Maximum current (30 sec.)2200 A
Maximum speed<120, <160, <250, >250
Static contact pressure0 - 150 N adjustable 
Lifting time≤ 10 s
Lowering time≤ 10 s
Lowering deviceADD

Operating systemDC
Operating voltage DC3 kV
Standstill current300 A
Continuous current3000 A
Maximum current (30 sec.)3800 A
Maximum speed<120, <160, <250, >250
Static contact pressure0 - 200 N adjustable
Lifting time≤ 10 s
Lowering time≤ 10 s
Lowering deviceADD



Weight125 - 134 kg
Overall height (incl. insulators)min. 490 at DC / 605 at AC
Min. operating height200 mm
Max. Operating height2300 - 2900 mm

Environment & Safety

EN 50125-1 
Ambient temperature-40°C to +50°C
Height range0 to 2500 m.ü.M
Solar irradiation1120 W/m²
Compressed airDry, filtered compressed air according to ISO 8573-1
 Outdoor conditions OV3 / PD4 to EN 50124-1


  • Anti-tipper
  • Wind deflector plate attachment
  • High voltage air hoses
  • Insulators
  • Pressure regulator
  • Colour selection


  • 120 km/h
  • 160 km/h
  • 200 km/h
  • 250 km/h
  • > 260 km/h
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Product Highlights

Rocker suspension

We use our four-way suspension system to ensure the best possible service life for the carbon collector strips. The horizontal suspension ensures gradual and uniform abrasion while maintaining constant contact with the railway line. Unevenness from the power line is absorbed, thus preventing damage to the sliding contacts. Other influences, such as vibrations and weather conditions, are primarily absorbed by the vertical suspension. The optimum protection for the railway line and all underlying components.

Height limitation

For safety, all our pantographs can be equipped with a height limiter. It ensures that the single arm pantograph does not extend completely if there is no contact with the catenary. This prevents the pantograph from tipping over and additionally provides more safety in rail traffic.

Ice scraper

The ice scraper option can be used to counter problems caused by ice or frost on the overhead contact line. Ice can form on the contact wire systems and lead to failures, especially in the winter months. Our contact strips can be operated with permanently installed ice scrapers or switchable ones, which remove the ice layer while driving.

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