Fast and professional service performed at our location in Rothrist.

Revisions, maintenance and modernisation – One contact person for all your needs

The components are disassembled into their individual parts and their functionality is tested. All safety-relevant components and any parts damaged due to ageing are replaced. The service includes thorough cleaning. Optionally, we can blast our components with sand or glass beads and then paint them in the colour of your choice. We are also happy to provide additional services, such as transport handling, EU customs clearance and provision of the replacement compound. Please contact us.

By working together with us as the original manufacturer, we can ensure that your components are always up to date and that any innovations are implemented at the same time. If repairs are necessary, we can carry them out efficiently and without any significant loss of time.

Our overhauls can be modified to match the respective component's condition and are thus extremely cost-effective. Our experts at Richard AG Murgenthal inspect all components professionally while keeping costs to a minimum. We offer a laboratory inspection for individual parts with a subsequent joint evaluation.

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Individual adjustments or general overhauls are carried out according to the latest state of the art and customer requirements. Benefit from our latest developments and retrofits to improve the service life of your systems.


Our painting department provides the appropriate surface treatment. In order to prolong the service life, we treat the components accordingly in case of slight damage or corrosion:

  • Sandblasting / Glass bead blasting
  • Priming
  • Painting

Bonded components are professionally joined by our bonding technician according to DIN 6701.


The quality of our products and reconditioned components is guaranteed by our welding experts.

Certification according to European standard EN 3834 and EN 15085 - execution of steel and aluminium structures.

  • Proof of conformity of components
  • CE - certification