To keep up with a world in constant motion, we maintain our flexibility and adaptability.

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Customer focus.

Customer focus.

We recognize needs and create a trusting and satisfied customer relationship through our expertise.

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We are open to ideas and innovations. That is why we are constantly developing ourselves and our products.

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Richard AG. Solutions that move people.

Vacuum circuit breaker

Every third vacuum circuit breaker in the world is built by Richard AG. Disconnecting and connecting under load.

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The single-arm pantograph is the essential link between the train and the overhead contact line. We offer tailor-made solutions in accordance with our…

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Interruptor for different voltages. Pneumatic, electrical and manual operation are just three examples of the wide range of options we can supply.

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As a specialist for railroad components, we deliver our products from Switzerland to the whole world. In our more than 115-year history, we have continually expanded our expertise in developing customer-specific solutions. We produce these as well as numerous standard components in small and medium series.



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Richard AG

Richard AG Murgenthal and its international appeal. As a typical Swiss SME, we work successfully at home and abroad and our products are in demand and successful worldwide.

Richard AG Services

We would be pleased to present the services that we can provide for you with our experience. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department.


Fast and professional service performed at our location in Rothrist.


Competent railway and track service.

Consulting & training

Services surrounding our product. Take advantage of our experience.

Ecovadis sustainability ranking

We have undergone the EcoVadis rating to demonstrate our commitment to a sustainable supply chain. 

EcoVadis is the world's largest provider of sustainability rankings. Richard AG received 66 out of 100 points in the EcoVadis rating and secured the bronze medal in 2023.

As a Swiss SME, our focus is primarily on social aspects and on being a fair and sustainable partner. This award demonstrates that we take our economic, social and environmental responsibility seriously and put it into practice.

Richard AG Products in use


The single-arm current collector is the essential link between the train and the overhead contact line.

Richard AG produces reliable, high-quality and proven current collectors.

We offer tailor-made solutions in accordance with our customers' wishes.

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Richard AG Top News

Measuring pantograph RM 354-246

12 / 06 / 2023
Measuring pantograph RM 354-246Read More

Measurement at the Gotthard tunnel.

Dienstjubiläen im 2023

Dienstjubiläen im 2023Read More

Unsere langjährigen Mitarbeitenden stehen hier im Fokus. Im Jahr 2023 feierten sie alle ein bedeutendes Jubiläum bei uns.

Interview SBB and Richard AG.

21 / 02 /2023
Interview SBB and Richard AG. Read More

Richard AG has converted to Kaizen with the help of SBB. In the interview Marcel Auer from SBB. Andreas Zaugg and Urs Katzenstein from Richard AG.

Richard AG
New Pilatus rack railway

Experience a virtual ride on the new Pilatus rack railway

  • Our pantograph is prominently displayed

Richard AG
Our measurement trips

Get to know the platform conditions of your vehicle in order to implement possible optimizations ahead of time.

  • Certification measurements
  • Measurement to investigate damage and problem cases
  • Validation measurements
  • Technical driving measurements