40 years of service anniversary

21 / 04 / 2020

21.04.1980 Joined the company as an apprentice mechanic under the then master craftsman Herbert Hoppler and the plant manager Hans Uhlmann (better known as Uhu). Managing director at this time was Fritz Richard (the company's namesake).

Harald S├Ągesser (today's sawmill) started his apprenticeship at Richard AG in the same year and when Urs successfully completed his apprenticeship as a mechanic, Dieter Hofer (today's construction) started his first year of apprenticeship.

During this time there was hardly any fluctuation, practically only apprentices were employed at Richard AG.

At this time there were NC lathes and besides conventional milling machines the first CNC milling machine OKK (until 2014). In 1986 the CNC milling machine Mori Seiki was added. In 1996 the machine park was reinforced with the Victor VC 65, on which Urs worked until the end of 2019. Urs is currently working on the CNC milling machine Doosan Mynx 410, which was equipped with a dividing head in January 2020, so that Urs' range of parts can still be covered.

Urs we thank you on behalf of the management for 40 years of hard work, dedication and loyalty in the company Richard AG and look forward to continuing the good cooperation with you and wish you all the best, good luck and health in your private life.

40 years of service anniversary
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