Earthing disconnector

Earthing disconnector

The earthing disconnector serves to ensure the safety of driving and workshop personnel during checks and faults in the traction units.

It connects the live wires upstream and downstream of the main switch to earth.
Integration into the interlocking concept prevents the unauthorised switching on and off of the earthing and contact with live parts. At the same time, a key multiplier is integrated into the earthing disconnector.

The earthing disconnector has the following features:

  • Small space requirements
  • Rugged design
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • Safe operation under difficult conditions
Earthing disconnector
Earthing disconnector RM 585
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Technical data


Operating voltage15kV / 25kV AC; 3kV DC
Current400A AC / 1000A DC
Shock resistance3g


Lifespan30 years
Weightca. 15 kg

Environment & safety

Ambient temperature-35°C to +70°C
Shock and vibration resistanceto IEC 61373
IsolationCreepage distance / stroke distance according to EN50124-1
Fire protectionFire protection level 2 (DIN 5510)


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Earthing disconnector
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Product Highlights

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